2019 respond staff


  • Josh Huckabay | Weekend Pastor

  • Alyssa Marcus | Worship Leader

  • Siblings Improv | Friday Night Fun


At the Respond Worship Retreat, you will find a selection of helpful workshops to instruct you in worship leading skills.

Below are the 2019 speakers and workshops.

  • Dr. Mark Robinson

    Health and Wholeness

    10 ways to ENGAGE health and wellness with musicianship and physical performance. A workshop taught by husband and wife team, Dr. Mark and Leesa Robinson, presenting sound science and practical application to help each musician team member continue bringing forth their excellence for Christ. 

  • Jay St. Clair

    Engaging with the Holy Spirit

    There is a thought provoking statement by Paul in 1 Cor. 5:4 "So when you are assembled and I am with you in spirit, and the power of our Lord Jesus is present,..."  Let's unpack that with some ideas of how we can welcome the Holy Spirit more freely to encounter God's people in the lives and needs of people He has brought to worship him.

  • Josh Huckabay

    Practical Ways to Help People Engage in Worship

    In a world that is consistently clamoring for our eyes, ears, and hearts, how do we help orient people's affection and attention on Jesus as they enter into worship? In this workshop, we will gather practical ideas and methods to help your church minister to the heart of God.

  • Jonathan Michael Moore

    Using Tracks, Clicks and Pads in Worship

    In this workshop we will give an overview of how, why and when you should use backing tracks for worship, including how to utilize this technology in a smaller church environment and how to incorporate it into a band who has never used it before.

    We will cover all the current technology being utilized for multi-tracks including Ableton Live, and several free or low cost alternatives using tablets and mobile devices with the info and gear necessary for implementation.

  • Andrea Huckabay

    Keyboard Workshop

    This Workshop will provide a foundational understanding of how to play keyboard as part of a worship band, as well as highlight how to lead from this instrument. Topics that will be addressed include open chord structure including modern voicing, improvisation, and dialogue about the unique roles a keyboard player fills.