Live  Live

There are some characters in the bible that are worth revisiting time and time again and David is one of them. This year we will be taking a look at the life of David and specifically focusing on several key relationships in his life. In doing so we will see how David’s relationships give us guidance on how we should LIVE our lives and most importantly how his relationship with God shaped every other relationship. 

The theme “LIVE” is a fun one because we could interpret it two different ways. We will learn what it looks like to LIVE your whole life for God and we will learn what it looks like to live your life LIVE in the moment for God - being watched by God and Others. 

In today’s world we are more connected to everything around us than ever. Anyone, regardless of where they are in the world, can “go live” and share what they are doing on whatever platform or social media they choose. We are constantly sharing snippets of our lives through our instagrams or following along every post from our favorite vlogers or YouTube sensations. In a similar fashion we have snippets of David’s life through the scriptures and an opportunity to follow along and get to know who David was. The things we consume inevitably shape who we are and it is our hope that the life of David will shape how we LIVE and we will reflect on the question of “If my life was truly LIVE for everyone to see, who would it reflect and would it be worth following for those around me?”