2022 respond staff

  • Jay St. Clair | WEEKEND PASTOR


    Isaac Schade and OCC Frontline Collective | WORSHIP PASTOR

2022 Workshops

This year we are excited to offer more workshops than Respond has ever had before! We have a great mix of musical workshops that will stretch and inspire not only your musicianship, but help you connect with your team musically as well. We also have some great practical classes that will help you with resources and tips on how to lead your congregation and team well. You won't want to miss these workshops this year!

  • The relationship between the lead minister and worship minister | Mark Scott, Wayne Bushnell, Troy Nelson, Corey Scott

    Join a panel discussion about the relationship between lead minister and worship minister for facilitating life change in worship services with Wayne Bushnell (Lead Minister at Northside Christian Church Springfield, MO), Corey Scott, (Worship Minister at Northside Christian Church), Mark Scott (Lead Minister at Park Plaza Christian Church, Joplin, MO) & Troy Nelson (Lead Minister at Blendville Christian Church in Joplin, MO). We will discuss the importance, the practices, the strategies, and the value of this relationship. 

  • Electric Guitar Panel | Jeremiah Jones, Matt Shead, Creighton Tamerius

    This workshop will be focusing on giving the electric guitarists on your team some tips and tricks to help add to the sound on a Sunday morning. The panel will be discussing the different roles for a lead and rhythm guitarist, what to play when there is only one guitarist, how to play in a band of ten people vs band of four people, some tone and equipment suggestions, and how to take care of your guitar. 

  • Taking Action: Leading Yourself So That You Can Lead Others | Allen Williams

    Have you ever felt stuck or bored in your ministry and other areas of your life? Have you become apathetic and lack motivation in areas where you were once passionate? Do you feel like you lack the maturity to lead your team? Are you feeling like you’re scraping the bottom of the pudding cup? You could probably describe yourself as overwhelmed and that would be an understatement. Whether you are new to ministry or are a hardened pro, you need to take action in leading the most difficult person in your life: YOU.

  • Acoustic Guitar | Ryan Dufoe

    Do you feel stuck using the same old chords? Do you have trouble playing in certain high capo positions without knowing another way to play it? Do you aspire to be able to read music in one key and play in another? This workshop aims to answer these questions by equipping the worship acoustic guitarist with a full array of open chord shapes, strumming patterns, and dynamic ideas that they can use to better serve the music their church uses to lead people in worship.

  • Modern Keyboard | Jonathan Horton

    Let’s face it: the role of the keyboard has changed in church music.  This workshop will address modern practices of the church keyboardist: layering multiple sounds, song/section transitions, simple hardware solutions, the value of keeping chords and rhythms simple (less is more), appropriate playing with tracks, and more!

  • Drums | Ty Burns

    The role of the drums in modern worship is so important.  It’s more than keeping time.  It establishes the mood of the song.  This workshop will address vital principles of appropriate drumming for worship, as well as giving helpful tips on how to practice as well as the importance of supporting the song.

  • Vocals | Tammy Nelson

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