2023 respond staff

  • Matt Stafford | Main Session Speaker

  • Dinelle Frankland | Main Session Speaker

  • Creighton Tamerius | Worship Leader

2023 Workshops

We have a great mix of musical workshops that will stretch and inspire not only your musicianship, but help you connect with your team musically as well. We also have some great practical classes that will help you with resources and tips on how to lead your congregation and team well. You won't want to miss these workshops this year!

  • The art of congregational prayer | Dinelle Frankland

    This workshop will explore the practice of prayer in the corporate worship gathering. We will consider each worship leader’s role in leading prayer (musicians, technicians, preachers, et al) and discuss the formation of congregational prayer language. Written prayers, both from scripture and other sources, as well as the practice of extemporaneous prayer, will be considered as essential elements when planning our Sunday gatherings. Plan on a creative time together!

  • Vocal Workshop | Rachelle Hafer

    The vocal workshop will be a fun way to learn proper diaphragmatic breathing (lovingly known as "Science with Rachelle”), how to slide through our vocal breaking points (identifying your passaggio and working through it), matching tone with the lead vocalist, and discovering how YOU sing best.

  • Guitar in worship | Morgan Parkman

    Understanding each guitar's individual role and why they are important. How to be a good steward of your gifts. 

  • Working Together As a Team | Matt stafford

    The creative team at your church consists of a variety of people with unique skill sets, varied personalities, different ages and levels of experience. Getting all of them to work together efficiently and effectively is one of the greatest challenges facing team leaders each week. In this workshop we'll equip your team with principles and tools for having an effective rehearsal so that your team is free to truly engage in worship on Sunday morning.

  • Developing Songwriting Skills | Phil Mehrens

    This class will cover lyric and melody writing principles and practice for those who desire to begin or grow in the craft of writing songs that have impact. We will look at the components and qualities of a great song, the process of writing and finishing songs, how to evaluate what you are writing, what a writer’s lifestyle looks like, as well as other related practical subjects. I plan to adjust the class to the experience level of those who attend.

  • Visual vitality for worship | Jacob Smith

    From lighting to video, both in live settings and for a live stream, there are crucial elements to enhance our worship gatherings. This workshop will dial down on the importance of creating appropriate and powerful visual experiences for worship, no matter the size of your congregation. 

  • Drums and Bass Workshop | Dave Porter and Ty Burns

    Come and explore some of the underlying basics of what it means to work together as the drums and the bass are the heartbeat of the band. We will do a quick overview of the individual aspects of drums and bass, and then work through the concepts together in the context of worship songs. We will end our time with a Q & A.

  • Keyboard workshop | Jon Hill

    We will explore the role of keys, primarily piano, in a Sunday morning church context, from playing with a band, reflective moments like communion, and behind people speaking. We will also get a bit into the intersection of theory and practice as it relates to voicing, playing cohesively, and confidently.