Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions or concerns please call the camp at 417 535-6085

  • How do i send mail to a camper?

    Please do not send  faxes or emails.

    Camper Name &  Session

    c/o Maranatha Bible Camp

    18131 Highway WW

    Everton, MO 65646

  • What if My child Has special dietary needs?

    Our kitchen is peanut free.

    Our menu is gluten friendly,  but not completely gluten free.

    We are glad to provide a copy of the menu so you may supplement as needed.

  • What if My child has special medical needs?

    All camper medications must be in the original container with a current label.  They should be turned into the first aider upon arrival to the camp. We cannot administer medications that are not int the original container and properly labeled.

    Exceptions: rescue inhalers & epi pens may be carried by a group leader or camper if they have been trained in their use.

    *Adults may keep their personal meds on their person, in a locked container, or give to first aider.