Make it Better

Worship Center - covered pavilion - Fishing Pond/Water Feature

OUR MISSION:  To challenge everyone to KNOW CHRIST and MATURE in HIM.

WE DO THIS BY:  Facilitating life change through quality camps and retreats.

God has laid on our hearts a vision and desire to enhance

the ministry of the camp through these three new initiatives.

Your financial gift to the Make it Better One Fund supports these three projects with one goal: to facilitate life change.

It's simple: one fund, three projects, one goal - life change.

  • Worship Center - Nearing completion

    The 300+ seat worship center will be an addition on the south end of the existing multipurpose building. It will provide greater flexibility in summer camp and event programming, and provide expanded retreat options.  The walk out basement will provide a safe place for campers to gather during storms as well as additional climate-controlled classroom, meeting and recreation space.   The cost of this project includes expanded bathrooms and exterior siding of the entire building.

  • Covered Pavilion - $100,000

    Located on the north end of the soccer field, this open-air, covered pavilion with a concrete floor will measure 60' X 100' providing a perfect spot to gather for outdoor worship, group games, basketball and picnics regardless of weather.

  • Fishing Pond/Lake Project - $200,000

    The MBC Board recognizes the need for an additional WOW recreation option that is water based.  Our hope is to create a lake on the south property.  We are also looking into other water feature options.  For more information about the status of this project please call us at (417) 535-6085.